Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Sugar-free Halloween

Sophie in Toronto has a Plan.  She doesn't want two-year-old Pascal to get the idea that Halloween is a candy-grab, so she's planning to dress him up in a costume and take him out into the street with a basket of candy to give OTHER children.
"You see" she explained "maybe - probably - he'll get a few bits of candy back, but I think it's a good idea to work on the concepts of generosity and giving instead of receiving, don't you?  I think we'll keep it up until he's about six years old.  And THEN we'll do trick or treating on our own."

Good luck with that, Sophie.  I await the results of these experiments with great interest.

Marginally related:
Last year I was in Vancouver for Halloween.  The baby who lives next door to Mum and Dad was less than a year old, and far too small to have any interest whatsoever in candy, but the occasion gave her parents an excuse to dress a baby in a dinosaur costume, and  a sugar-free trick-or-treater knocking on our door gave Mum and I an excuse to have a little baby-scale Halloween fun.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brisbane River Skies

Brisbane does pretty nice sunsets.
Castles in the sky.  In technicolor.

When the sun goes down and the wind drops and the river rides still -

It's pretty allright then, too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brisbane has pretty bits of architecture stuck onto the landscape

I'm fond of non-sequiturs, and this post is pretty non-sequiturish.
But aren't these some pretty bits of ultra-futuristic modernity?

Take this splendid pod bolted onto the side of a cafe on Charlotte St:

And this splendidly organic bit of  3dsMax modeling wrapped across a tower on the corner of Elizabeth St and Albert Street:

And this deeply retro (but in a far-noughties-futuristic color splash sort of way) crossing-guard underneath the Victoria Bridge and the Riverside Expressway:

It's a spiffy, squiffy, deeply star-trek world!