Thursday, March 25, 2010

With Love from Canada

Sophie and the Engineer in Canada sent a VERY Tabubil-friendly care package to the newlyweds for Christmas.  It was held up by an Australian mail strike - but it arrived last week and we are feeling powerfully loved.

The box contains approximately six tonnes of more-than-delicious Canadian chocolates (have we mentioned how very much adored you are, O Best of All Beloved Friends?) a 2010 calendar about suicidal bunny rabbits and a box of Mr Tabubil's most very favorite cereal in whole wide world.
It is called Cinnamon Toast Crunch - also known as 'The Dental Surgeon's Summer Cottage Down Payment'.  It is slightly more than 98% sugar by weight, with a few grams of wheat slurry tossed into the mix as a binding agent. He loves it beyond reason.
            There had also been one sachet of packet soup, but it had been confiscated by the Customs Inspection Team. One of the constituent ingredients was dried corn, which is apparently high on a list of Threats to Indigenous Australian Fauna.
            A letter left for us in place of the soup made us a generous proposal: for a small one time payment of AUD $44.20 (all major credit cards accepted), the Australian Customs Authorities would mail those 150 grams of corn-touched contraband back to the sender.
            The Australian Customs Authorities not operating (to the best of our current knowledge) out of an internet cafe in Nigeria, we thought it prudent to decline.

Have I mentioned just how much Mr Tabubil adores that cereal? After several taste tests to "see if it's as good as I remember it.... Yup, yup..... mmmm.....hang on, better check one more time...." (and, to be perfectly fair, much urging of the sticky sweet stuff onto me) Mr Tabubil, with many dark sideways glances at his loving brand-new-spouse, ostentatiously weighed the box, marked the weight, and placed it on a shelf of honor in the pantry.
            Well, really, what was a girl to do?
            She sank a sandwich baggie full of salt into the center of the cereal as soon as he was out of the kitchen, is what she did, just to throw him off when he weighed it again.

Post- script:
The salt plot worked, up to a certain point, and for a given value of "worked" that wasn't one I had considered when I did it. I probably should have considered it, considering.
            Mr Tabubil completely forgot the joke, and after work the next day, bypassed the kitchen scales and went straight to the pantry for some serious snacking.
            He found the salt, all right.
            To clarify: he found a small sealed bag of crystalline white powder hidden deep inside a box of cereal mailed to us from a foreign country -
            He called me, in sickly green tones, with a very wobbly look on his face.
            Had I seen this?  Who would have put it there?  Why would it have been sent to us?  Should we flush it, quietly, immediately?  If we report it will they think that we had something to do with it?!
            Torn between guilt and black hilarity, I explained - most abjectly. He really wasn't very amused. Not even a little bit.
            Now, a week later, he can see the funny side, but at the time - !

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