Thursday, June 3, 2010

super awesome cool zip bang ultra mega plus special -with wings.

IR Night Vision Spy Sunglasses MP3 Player with Hidden Camera Camcorder

Don't they THRILL you?

I mean, who DIDN'T make a secret spy-kit out of a matchbox when they were in fourth grade, filled with a pencil stub, two cut-down birthday candles for writing secret messages in wax, paper for writing your secret messages on, twigs around which to wrap your vital communiqu├ęs and a map of your drop locations?
And then spent a whole semester skulking around the climbing towers during recess and lunch, watching for something worth writing secret messages ABOUT?
And when international espionage persistently failed to happen all around you, the knowledge of that matchbox in your pocket was a secret comfort that left you dizzy with unimaginable possibilities?
And you slept with the Usborne Spy's Guidebook under your pillow at night, and when you got to the page about miniature microphones disguised in umbrellas and cocktail olives, you literally stopped breathing out of sheer excitement?

And a month later, after reading a book on secret allied air missions during World War 2, you and two friends persuaded your rather vague classroom teacher to let you use the class store of clipboards to turn your desk into a Command Headquarters, with cellophane viewing ports to let you see the blackboard.  She even agreed to pass you your assignments in Morse Code.
And when they came to you in plain text, just like for the rest of the class, it was still all right.  And when the principal made a spot-check of the classroom and the clipboards came down, that was okay, too.  The matchbox was still taped tightly to the underside of your desk.
When the world exploded into intrigue and chaos, to be saved with secret messages written in birthday candle, you would be ready.

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