Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Break in Our Regularly Scheduled Travel Blog: Happy December!

It is December 1st, the first day that by law and fiat and righteousness, one may lawfully play Christmas carols, string eco-friendly LEDs about their premises and decorate a Christmas tree!
Sing Hosanna!

I love me some good walllowy holiday music, and my collection of Christmas carols is set on autoplay for the duration. There's only one fly in the jingle-bell ointment: Mr Tabubil has an unnatural abhorrence for lyrics involving:
a) Sleigh rides
b) holly jolly snowmen
c) Walking in winter wonderlands
And (I quote)
d) Any juvenile musicians who can't keep a proper control over their drumsticks and go pa-rum-pa-pum-pum all day and all night.
e) Particularly when sung by those smug, pre-pubescent sopranos of the Vienna Boys Choir.
f) Can we listen to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Album now?

During this holly jolly Christmas season, Mr Tabubil is cordially invited to keep his curmudgeonly opinions to himself. However, compromise being the cornerstone of all successful endeavors, Mr Tabubil is allowed one hour of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Wizards of Winter on repeat every evening.

As for Christmas trees and mistletoe - At present our own collection of holiday odd-job-ery is small, discreet and tasteful. It's a start. I have upwardly mobile aspirations and hope in the fullness of time, to work up to a real, American style Christmas Wonderland.

In the holly jolly holiday spirit, here are a few classic and timeless Anglo-Christian holiday ornaments to get you started:

A Pink Tinsel Christmas Tree:

A Singing and Dancing Anamatronic Lump of  Christmas Coal:

Mobile Mistletoe:

Reindeer Toilet Seat Cover and Antler Set:

And if smug pre-pubescent sopranos just aren't doing it for you, here is the Regretsy collection of regrettable holiday Mp3s.

And if you're reading this, Mr Tabubil, remember that what a girl really wants for Christmas is a pink lawn flamingo.

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