Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photographs of Brisbane, after the Flood

Flood Debris piled outside the front door of Dr Tabubil's apartment building:

On Wednesday Mum and I drove down to St Lucia - our long-time stomping ground, to see how the suburb had done against the flooding.
Not too well.

The University of Queensland CityCat Ferry Terminal:

The University of Queensland shovels out and keeps on going:

House on Sir Fred Schonell Drive: Note the High-water mark on the trees and buildings:

A flooded out restaurant complex on Sir Fred Schonell Drive - the carpark was an absolute mess.


The wonderful VandE, whose historical costuming blog I follow, lives on a property below the Lockyer Valley - right at the point where the water that came roaring out of there met the water being dumped out of the Wivenhoe Dam. I've been following her blog for the last week, and have been amazed - and heartened - by the grace and the humor with which she writes about living through that enormous water, and the astonishing, generous response of people - the hundreds and thousands of people who came to help her recover her life. She writes of strangers sifting through the debris of her home, searching for bits of jewellery and childrens toys, picking sodden books out of the rafters and laying the moulding pages out to dry.

You can fall in love with strangers - every single mopping, digging, shoveling one of them.

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  1. Alan Rickman - Truly Madly Deeply (now lost) - "...and yet the capacity to love that people have...."