Friday, February 25, 2011


At three o'clock this afternoon the horizon turned a livid purple. Twenty minutes ago I started hearing the thunder, and the sharp staccato of rain against the windows.
Then the rain stopped and the sky turned black - and then the wind began.

An electrician was here, talking with Mum on the balcony. He made a fast run for the elevator to get his car undercover before the hail started - and mum dragged the iron chairs inside off of the balcony while the wind whipped her skirts up around her waist and the iron chairs rattled across the tiled balcony floor.
90kph, they're expecting.
We don't know if it will do an end run around us or hit us broadside - if it hits us head on, it could be like the day Dr Tabubil looked out of her study window and saw an iron table fly past her at eye height.

Later this evening:

We had a STORM this evening - my gods and garters we had a storm! The worst of it hit north of us, so we saw no flying furniture or hail, but if we missed the center of it, sweet mother of mercy on roller skates -!
The weather held off till almost real-dusk. I jotted down a few brief notes while it was going on:

A potted palm on the balcony blows over - the ceramic tub swinging wildly around in a half circle, dumping soil - turning the balcony to mud in the pounding rain.
Dr Tabubil tries to go out but too damn windy - will throw her into the balcony rail. Over it, even.
No it won't! Let me go!
You can't!
Yes I can - YEOW!
Lightning like strobe lights. The world is white, then ultraviolet.
Rain flaring horizontally across the balcony - watch it sweeping and sluicing across the roofs of the buildings below, blowing horizontally in rivers and snakes through open air. River invisible in the haze. Thunder rolls around the sky, booming and rattling - shaking the windows.
Mum yells and runs for towels - the rain is coming in thru the window above the TV - it's bursting in through the top.
Dr Tabubil tries to open balcony door - a blast of wind throws her back inside - she lands heavily -
Wind and rain taper off slightly- Dr Tabubil creeps-crawls out to drag the palm toward the door, cringing when the lightning strikes.
I am sitting on the sofa, no excitement, minding my nose, as per doctor-spec, and not getting excited, not at all, don't mind me - WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!
World is violet and white and ultraviolet and shuddering.
Dr Tabubil darts back inside between lightning flashes and we stand against the window, watching.

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