Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Peke with a Powerful Strong Will.

Today and tomorrow we have the movers in our house. Wrapping, boxing, shifting, sorting.  I follow behind them, wielding a washcloth and a bucket of faintly soapy water.
Tonight we move into an apartment - until Friday, when we fly out of town.

On the way to the shops this evening,  I passed a Pekingese with a powerful strong will. 
He was tied up outside a clothing store, and was hugely unhappy about it.  He cowered, pitifully miserable, ears and eyes and tail tucked underneath till he looked like a chestnut-colored ottoman.  Nobody emerged from the store.  He dashed to the end of his leash, throwing himself against the restraining cord.  He whimpered in crescendo, casting meaningful looks into the store as the pitch rose.  None of it worked - his human was heartless.  And as I drew level with him his face settled into an expression of disturbing determination.  Abandoning all histrionics, he planted himself square in the middle of the pavement and committed an act of serious civil disobedience.  Then he sat up, assumed an demeanor of grim satisfaction and ostentatiously turned his back.

Good lord.  If that is how the dog reacts to being left outside a store for 8 minutes, I really hate to imagine the fights over dinner and sofa privileges.

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