Monday, January 16, 2012


Today was one of those YUCH days of high summer - hot and sticky, with a wind that scooped up the heat and swirled it into open windows.  Billowy sundresses were in order.  Heading out to the supermarket I threw on my billowiest.  Half way to the subway station I had a Marilyn Monroe moment - a sturdy breeze picked up my skirts and blew them half-way to Mexico.  An elderly woman walking toward me, hand in hand with a small boy watched me, smiling broadly, as I spun around in circles, snatching at handfuls of cotton fabric and flattening my skirts against my thighs - as she came abreast of me she gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up and called out "Take ADVANTAGE of it, honey!  Nobody would be interested at my age!  You GO, girl!!"

My day brightened dramatically.

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