Friday, March 2, 2012

A conversation

A conversation:

In my kitchen, pouring chamomile tea, two ladies of  a certain age and robust constitution are comparing travel dodges.  
 Specifically -Toronto Pearsons International Airport, and its several miles of horrible corridor passages.  When you get off of a 12 hour flight they're either just the thing for a good solid leg stretch (while humping 16 lbs of hand-carry) or you despair.
            "Take a wheelchair" one lady advises knowingly.
A tsk of indecision.
            "Really!  Everyone says they're never going to do it, and then they try it once and they never do anything else ever again!"
A head shakes slowly - "But I've heard - they don't take CARE of you.  They take you off somewhere and then they dump you in a corner and they walk away."
            "So bring a book!"  (exasperated.)
            "You're going to spend an age walking down those passages anyway - there's no point being in a rush in PEARSONS. Take a good book along and let them do all the work for you!"

THAT's strategy.

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