Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Dr Tabubil Files: A Letter from Dr Tabubil in Cloncurry

My sister, the estimable Dr Tabubil, is spending ten weeks on a rural clinical rotation in Cloncurry, a small pastoral town in the Queensland Outback.  It's a fantastic place, and together we have collaborated on a series of guest posts   all about living and working in the Red Centre.  Enjoy!

Dear Tabubilgirl -

Soooo… Auntie A's  sister-in-law drove her camper-van up through Cloncurry the other day.  She called me at the clinic, but i had a list of patients to see and I couldn't duck out to see her, and they were only here for about an hour.  But we chatted on the phone.
And she was very excited.  She was very excited -
the man with a pet bull!!!
I knew exactly what she was talking about - I'd driven past him on the way to work that morning!   He had his bull on a leash and was walking down the road.
She saw it in town just before she called me - a bull that was waiting while its owner had a drink at the pub.
I heard the back story this afternoon…
The guy has owned the cow since it was a tiny bub, destined for the abattoir.  He rescued it, and hand-reared it and now it's registered as a pet dog in the township of Cloncurry (no joke) and it will sit on the curb outside the pub while the man is inside drinking rum. He likes to eat carrots and apples. He weighs 770kg.  His owner is, as Cloncurry says, "bat-sh**t crazy".
The end.

Dr Tabubil hasn't been able to get a photograph of the bull, but he DID appear in the Queensland Police's News of the Weird a couple of weeks ago.
Here's a screen-grab:

The Road Runner Roadhouse in Cloncurry  If you'd rather go to the link direct, and see the rest of the gallery, click here.  The bull is on slide number 14.

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