Monday, October 8, 2012

Rain! (and kittens and spaniels)

Yesterday I stayed home and did a LOT of work on my computer.
            To clarify, there was a great number of things I would have cared to do outside our apartment, but the rain-!
            It started as a a misty moisty morning, and then someone upstairs turned on an immense tap, and it rained and it rained.
            It rained kittens and spaniels and you couldn't see the other side of the street for all the yapping, squalling bodies.
            Every time I decided to get up and go out, the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled in along the street.
            Every time the thunder rolled around the building, the lights flickered.
            Every time the lights flickered, the weather felt spiritually validated and ratcheted up the power of the storm.

Watch this:
            "I am going to get up and have a shower and go buy some chocolate so I can bake something exciting!"
            (Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it....)
             Ke-RASH booooom!
             Ten seconds. That's all.
            How did the weather Know?!?!

Did you know that snails come out in the rain?
            (I didn't.  I only knew from kamikaze earthworms.)
            On Saturday I walked through the park from the subway through a thunderstorm.  The path is lined with big elephant ear plants, and the glistening leaves were covered in fat garden snails going for walks, their slug bodies stretched as far out of their shells as they could go.
            Around seven this morning, the weather finally stopped playing extreme sports and settled down to making metaphorical sandcastles and listening to the sound of waves on a shore.
            And I went for a walk.
            And snails courted death by big feet on the paths and they, and the rest of the world glistened cheerfully.

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