Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little Dog Meets Little Dog.

I went for a little walk this evening to buy fresh fruit (apples, peaches, white nectarines and blueberries - even the tail-end of summer is extravagant!) and stumbled into the most LUDICROUS dog fight I've ever seen.
            A teacup poodle being walked up Calle Suecia decided to take on a miniature dachshund being walked down Calle Suecia, and the dachshund perked up her ears and said "Oh, bring it ON-"
            They lunged at each other - yip! yip! yeek! yip! - teeth bared and ears back - and then, simultaneously, they reached the ends of their leashes, discovered that they were only about 12 inches apart (nose to nose, practically! Gosh!) and with one last terrified "Yeek!" threw themselves backward and cowered behind their owners feet with their tails between their legs.
            And from that vantage point, each little dog saw that the OTHER dog was cowering, so each, again, lunged forward, yipping and yeeking and snarling - and came to the limit of their leashes to find themselves nose to nose with something just as big as they were and terrifyingly loud and snarly-
            In total terror, they threw themselves backward and hid behind their owners legs and quivered there, with their tails so far between their legs they were practically tickling their chins.
            And then they snuck a look across the sidewalk, saw their foe cringing, perked up their ears and did it all over AGAIN.
            No kidding - from my perspective, this was serious 'stand stock still in the middle of the road, gawping with disbelief" stuff.

Canine intelligence is frequently overrated.

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