Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beer and Bouncy Castles

My sister has her annual Med School sports day today.

The Queensland Heath Service loves sports day- all the first year students sneak into hospital supply rooms and steal scrubs for the occasion. The local hospitals, despairing of their short-stock inventories, have spent the last few weeks promising no-question loans to med-school ID cards, but this year, like every year, they've had no takers.  A lightning raid on a linen supply closet while a nurse's back is turned, jogging down Coronation drive and stopping traffic in scrubs six sizes too large - these things make you a medical student - one of the Big People.

The day was about beer and bouncy castles.
The fourth year students made a pub crawl of the route between the city and the university (at least it starts out as a fun run -they finished up crawling.) The first-aid tent on the side of the field was kept busy staunching wounds, and a friend of my sister lost his wedding ring in the jello wrestling tank.  Another of her friends went sideways off one of the castles after four beers and broke her nose.
The cry went up: "Is there a doctor in the house?"
Four hundred muzzy voices roared "YES!!!" and four hundred fourth year students lowered their heads back to the grass, giggling softly, and lay there while the second year students laid a mayonnaise slip'n'slide course over the top of them.

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