Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada Takes Olympic Hockey Gold!

I phoned my sister for our monthly morning ritual.
            "Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month!"
            "Yes, yes, never mind THAT.  Canada won!!"
            She watched the game live from the house of a Canadian friend who has cable.
            "I'm a wreck!  I'm exhausted!  I'm sweating all over!  It was so tense - so agonizing - it went on into overtime and - Oh My Goodness - I could even see Mum and Dad in the audience - Did you see Mum and Dad?  Oh no - you don't have cable, do you?  You don't even have a Chanel 9 Tower.  How bad is that?  Anyway - can you believe the seats they had?  I was on the phone with Dad telling him when the camera was sweeping around the arena, and he told Mum when to wave - and I saw Dad talking to me on the phone and then I saw her waving at me!!
            And the game- oh my goodness - the game.   I'm sweating - have I mentioned that I'm sweating?  I'm exhausted and it's only nine o'clock in the morning.
            I just couldn't take the pressure.  In the third period I decided to put on nail polish to distract myself.  When  the Canadians actually won, that turned into a reeeeelllly bad idea."
            "What color?"
            "Bright red."
            "How bad?"
            "Let me put it this way.   I'm not just covered in sweat - I reek of acetone.  So do my clothes.  So does the sofa.  And I have to go a whole day at the hospital - I wonder if I'll be able to take a shower there?"

In more somber news, that was a hell of an earthquake that hit central Chile.  Our friends in Santiago are checking in as whole and safe - a few close calls - one friend was in the airport waiting for a family member - but unlike many people there, they dodged the falling debris and are unharmed.
            May all of you down there be safe.

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