Sunday, July 18, 2010

The cat is lost in the negative space...

"That's not my cat!" 
"I know, but this one was cute."

My sister is co-directing her graduation ball, and has asked me to design the invitations. While the dialogue in this link above might verge toward the purple, the passive-aggressive deployment of design decisions is absolutely dead on -if amended for the three-way tug of war between the two female organizers of my sister's shindig and their lone male co-director - who reckons that the invitation as it CURRENTLY stands is insufficiently gender neutral because it has a picture of a girl on it.
            "Would it be more gender-neutral if it had a MAN on it?" (My sister, coldly.)
            "Well YEAH, of course- Hey! OW!! What did you do that for?!"

I have since been 'requested' to shade the invitation's purple background toward a very Barbie pink.
I suspect it's my designerly duty to decline.

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