Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Technicolor Dreaming

I have another sinus infection banging around inside my skull and I'm on heavy antibiotics.
They give me DREAMS.
At night everything is inside out: buildings are buried upside down in the ground and the ground is made of water. Macadam road race busily across mountains on thousands of little booted feet.
Last night I dreamed that Switzerland was created a neutral country in 1951- systematically stripped of its assets and infrastructure after it tried to annihilate most of Europe. I sat in a wooden lecture hall and heard the words "Switzerland's murderous hordes" a particularly vivid, lime-ish shade of the color GREEN. My alarm-clock rang and it's jangling clamor was a field of dried-out flowers - if dried flowers are a thick shower of gold.

(It's called Rulide, if you want a hit.)

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