Monday, May 17, 2010

The Buzz on the Playground Circuit

One of my tutoring students caught me filling a glass of water at the sink and informed me that you must Never Ever Drink the Water Here!  Three years ago, a man died here of drinking the water - and when they cut him open for the autopsy - his belly was packed full of Red Desert Earth.
            "You only ever drink bottled water" Ellie told me solemnly. "If you drink from the tap you're taking a terrible risk. My Mum and Dad do it, but I'm young and I can't afford to put my whole life in danger."

            "Goodness." I said, somewhat inadequately. "So - you live on Soda? Fruit Juice? - "
            "Oh I drink water - but not from the tap.  When I'm at school my Mum buys bottles of water and she puts them in the fridge so that they're nice and cold when I drink them.  She even breaks the seal on the bottle for me so that I don't have any trouble opening them when I come in from in really thirsty from playing with my friends."
            "She is a good Mum, isn't she?"  I said, smiling widely.
            Ellie nodded solemnly.  "She understands."

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