Monday, December 20, 2010

Dressing for the Gold Coast

Glory to the Gold Coast! Sun and surf and small, brightly colored bits of clothing.
There's a whole different vibe going on up here - something fizzes in the air.
Example: Yesterday morning I came out of my room, dressed to go out. To the supermarket, for bread and yogurt.
Mum shook her head. “Far too conservative” she said. “You need to be more…flashy.”
I went back and shortened every hem, splashed on some makeup and put on a pair of enormous, dangling, sparkling… FLASHY earrings.
Mum nodded in approval. “That’s MUCH better! Now you look suitably dressed!”
I love the Gold Coast! I could go to the supermarket in a bikini and bare feet and look well-attired!

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