Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ontario in the Fall

Five minutes drive from Sophie and the Engineer's house there is a large park.
We all went for a hike, and found a river where we could throw stale bread at the Canada Geese.  Baby Pascal thought it was hilarious.

Mr Tabubil took photographs.

Pretty, non?

Tomorrow Mr Tabubil and I fly to New York to meet Vee and Kay who are taking the Chinatown bus up from Boston to meet us.  Vee is my college roommate.  She is an infinite repository of knowledge about 80's music, 80s animated television shows (Rainbow Bright! Transformers! Gem and the Holograms! You can keep your Dora Explorer. We had the Care Bear stare!) and Broadway musicals. If you have 48 hours in New York, I can’t think of anyone better to be a tourist with, can you?
Kay would keep the race awfully tight. She talks Sailor Moon and Star Trek like Vee knows Gem and the Holograms. It’s scary.

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