Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Lorikeets have won.

The bloody lorikeets have won.
They live in the palm trees all around our building, digging holes in the trunks, and spending the early evenings peering out in colorful photogenic couples and chattering. In the early mornings they shriek and fly between the trees and perform acrobatic tricks in the treetops. They let me come close, hanging upside down from a palm frond and bouncing on one leg, and as soon as I have my camera out and focused, they sidle round the other side of the tree and scream with hilarity.

Tonight I went out for a bike ride, and I took my camera with me, and the lorikeets were waiting, hanging from the trees right above me at perfect focusing distances. They posed very prettily and very patiently, and as soon as I raised my finger on the shutter they popped up and flew at me, shrieking imprecations. As they came they ran a low, controlled bombing run over my head and editorialized right onto my bike seat - and right into my bike helmet.
Which I didn’t notice till I put the helmet on.

I’m putting the camera away.
They’ve won the point.

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