Thursday, March 3, 2011

Logistical Hazards

It's tricky taking the car out of the garage at my aunt's place.
            "Er.... Auntie H.  There's a technical issue in the garage."
            "Oh dear."
            "Can't you just pick him off for me?"
            "Um.  Usually your cousin does the job with a broomstick..."
            And some sort of moral suasion, clearly.  Ollie the cat didn't do squat when Auntie H prodded at him with the swiffer mop.  Yawned merely.  And eventually moved to the other end of the car and went back to sleep.  And then, eventually, back to the front of the car.  And with amazing self-control, completely refused to get upset about it.
            Eventually he accidentally shimmied just a little too close to my uncle's side and the jig was up.  He was carried (cantankerously) into their bedroom and the door was shut in his face.  Aunt H said goodbye to me with some speed- "because there's a cat in there deciding what to shred right now!"


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