Monday, March 7, 2011

Fast Tides

Today was HOT.  Hot enough to keep the house a Scandinavian sauna bath, and the walls of the rooms that don't have aircon to reflect the furnace heat of a thousand suns.

Around 8 in the evening, Mr Tabubil and I decided we decided that the heat MUST have gone down when the sun did and drove down to the beach for a walk.  We were partly right - the sun had gone down a little in the sky - which meant we were walking directly toward a ball of pulsing flame that hovered right at eye level.

But the water was cool - and the tide was coming in.  Visibly.  When we parked on the harbor wall, there was a sand flat half-way out to the end of the jetty.  When we'd clambered down to the sand, we decided we'd been caught up in some sort of heat-haze illusion because the kids digging holes to China all over the sand flat were actually playing on islands.  We walked out across the sand flat and stopped at the waterline to look out toward the islands and noticed that a few of the holes had gone under and the children were paddling, and we stopped and actually LOOKED at the waterline.  It was creeping toward us at walking pace; we turned around - and WE were on an island, and sprinted back to shore before it was knee-deep!

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