Monday, April 25, 2011

Why We Don't Want Men to Vote

On the 25th of April, 1894, South Australia became the first modern state to grant women the right to vote.
In honor of this grand step in the march toward universal sufferage, I offer up this gentle squib:

Why We Don't Want Men to Vote

                                   -Alice Duer Miller, 1915

1. Because man's place is in the army.
2. Because no really manly man wants to settle any question otherwise than by fighting about it.
3. Because if men should adopt peaceable methods women will no longer look up to them.
4. Because men will lose their charm if they step out of their natural sphere and interest themselves in other   matters than feats of arms, uniforms, and drums.
5. Because men are too emotional to vote. Their conduct at baseball games and political conventions shows this, while their innate tendency to appeal to force renders them unfit for government.

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