Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest: Bosnia & Herzegovina

While I was 'researching' these Eurovision songs (for a given definition of research involving popcorn, pop tarts and sonic hangovers) - I kept bumping into Bosnia & Herzegovina. For the last few years, I've enjoyed their songs, but every year their rather quiet, self-effacing, self-AWARE performances are drowned out by the louder, showier numbers.
Call it the ascendency of the mediocre. Any genuinely good entries cancel themselves out in the international open telephone vote. These performances just aren't quite enough - not quite nutty enough, sparkly enough, or bombastic enough and they tend to slip through the cracks in the voting blocs.

Start simple -
Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2006 - Rijeka bez imena:

Get funky -
Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2008 - Pokusaj:

And then at last, it's Les Miserables with Drums!
In 2009, Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to go down fighting with kettle drums, tactical stubble on the boy toys, and wind machines! This is Eurovision with the lot - the Lot and a tune you can hum along with!

Bosnia & Herzegovina - 2009, Bistra Voda:

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