Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest: Spain - the One with the Gate-crasher.

Sometimes - and it's a mystery how it happens - a number with real interest and chops sneaks through into the Eurovision Final. The music is clever, the singer has real talent, the choreography and costumes are spot-on NAIL-IT-fabulous, and you wonder how on earth this number made it through the semis, until you spot the calculated lunatic fringe that the average booze-on-a-couch voter will mistake for butterflies and power-chords.

This song is a a perfect amalgam of 'Eurovision-what the hell?' and some seriously icy professionalism- when a man crashes the stage and joins in the act, you don't even know he doesn't belong up there until the security heavies show up.

Spain, 2010 - Algo Pequinito:

Editor's Note: Spain likes a little avant-garde quirkiness.
Here's their 2008 offering, Bala el Chiki Chiki:

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