Friday, May 25, 2012

A Gringo Walks into a Post Office…

Mr Tabubil is cranky.  He just called me from the post office, where he is trying to post a letter.
He queued for 10 minutes, got to the head of the line, asked for an envelope to put his letter in, and the nice lady behind the counter told him that the post office doesn't have envelopes and to go away.
He went outside and found an enterprising street-businessman right outside the post office door who was making a roaring business selling envelopes to people just like Mr Tabubil. 
So he bought an envelope, addressed it, queued again, for another 10 minutes, and when he got to the counter, the same lady took the addressed envelope, gave him a FORM to fill out (complete with national ID card number and address) and told him to step out of line and fill it out.
Mr Tabubil grimly thought RIGHT, and stepped exactly two paces left to an empty bit of counter and filled it out there, then stepped back to the front of the line. The counter lady motioned him to the back of the line and he stared her down.  The lady coming up behind him in the line tried to give him grief and he said "Lady, I have queued here TWICE now!  All I want is to send a non-registered stamped envelope to Canada!" and the lady melted and sent him forward.

But he's a little fratchety at the moment!

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