Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Meet a dog who Likes Us.

Yesterday evening we went for a walk and met a big shaggy, very friendly, golden retriever.
Mr Tabubil is helpless in the face of a friendly dog and stooped to pet it and the dog promptly went beserk and treated him like her long lost best friend and while they wriggled (the dog) and coo'd (Mr Tabubil) in mutual rapture, the owner smiled and mumbled "You've opened a real can of worms there."
And we giggled because the dog WAS super friendly and had gotten just a little bit excited.

Just a little, yes.
As we walked away I saw the dog (feeling abandoned, presumably) rear onto her hind legs and throw herself bodily onto her owner, knocking her into a wall.  Having suitably established the strength of her ardor in that direction, the dog turned around and threw herself onto the first pedestrian who passed by - an elderly woman who reacted with impressive "eyuuuugghhhhhh!" noises and flailing tentacle limbs at the dramatic surprise of enormous doggie paws around her neck and a soppy doggy kiss on her forehead.

As we turned the corner, the owner was wrestling the dog into some semblance of "four legs on the ground at the SAME TIME, PLEASEEE!!!" and I was sort of screaming with laughter.

I'm not very nice, I guess.

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