Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cuttlefish Cargo Cult - Day 5

In 2011 I went diving with the Australian Giant Cuttlefish.  In 2012 they did not come back.  In a spirit of cargo cults and magical thinking, we’re going to have a week or so of cuttlefish:  perhaps, if we wish hard enough, a critical concentration of photo and video will bring them back from wherever they have gone. 

I didn't get chilled after my icy dive -  we waded out of the water and traded our neoprene suits for flannel pajamas and wool sweaters and fuzzy hats, and we sat in the sun and drank thermoses of hot tea and climbed into a truck with a heater in the cab and by the time we were back in town we were warm as toast.
            It was all very civilized. 
            Under the water, on the other hand -
            Nature is red in tooth and claw, and here is the juicy stuff, all of the blood and sex and hormones and raw unbridled passion that makes for Grand Opera and even grander daytime soap-opera (because you can show the exciting bits that get edited out on stage and replaced by Arias and Extreme Death Scenes)  and is exactly the sort of thing to make the three hearts of every wandering cuttlefish feel a pang, and make him - or her - want to come home for the winter.

Here, a Stalwart Male is Attacked By a brave Challenger who Wants His Woman.  See him - Flushed with Rage - Fight Back! 

Here, two Alpha Male Types are Locked in Awful Combat. Who will Prevail?

And here, at last, the video you've all been waiting for:  A violent attack - only centimeters from a Rocky Niche where a Rea Man defends his Harem of Females.  They Love, they Fight, they Consummate their Passion - all for the camera! There is no editing, folks, it's all Real, and it's all Here - exclusively on Tabuilgirl. 

So - Hsst!  Hey!  Cuttlefish! You-all!
The water is icy, the tourists have all gone home, and the sea-urchins and sea-stars are flourishing while you're away, so there's an all-you-can-eat buffet laid on.
Will you think about it?  Please?
There's not much else I can do from here.

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