Monday, July 16, 2012

Reason 382 for Not Sharing Your Smart Phone with Your Small Children

(Reason 381 being the friend, whose small niece, on deciding that she wanted to help the grown-ups with the washing up, dropped the first grown-up object she could reach on the kitchen ledge into a sink full of hot water and suds.) 

Exhibit A:
A man arguing with a receptionist in an office lobby, his attention divided by a small child pulling on his trouser legs and bouncing about with the energy of a demented flea. 
            Locked in awful battle with the righteous disdain of the Chilean receptionist in magnificent wrong but on her own home turf, the man slipped his smart-phone out of his pocket and proffered it downwards as a distraction for the sprog.
            It worked.  In fact, it worked astonishingly.  Her absorption was total.  However, the touch-pad didn't seem to be as responsive as the little girl wanted it to be.  Her brow furrowed, she regarded it - briefly, and then she stuck out her tongue and gave the whole screen a good washing.  To lube it up.

It being politically unwise to laugh yourself silly at behavior of a small child belonging to a man on the losing end of a front-desk skirmish, I skaddeedled.

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